Duradek Maintenance-Free Vinyl Decks

Duradek™, the original vinyl decking

Duradek is the original waterproof sheet vinyl membrane for decks, balconies and roof decks that was introduced 40 years ago. With field proven products, continued commitment to research & development and quality control testing, Duradek is an industry leader for all of your deck waterproofing needs. Exceptional waterproofing capabilities and designed to enhance the look and performance of your deck, roof deck or other project applications. Duradek vinyl outdoor flooring systems are fully engineered and tested to conform to the highest of building code standards.

At NORDECK we can help with almost every aspect of home, from waterproofing to renovations, carpentry, and railings. There’s no need to involve more than one contractor.

Maximize Your Living Space and Improve Property Value

Adding a deck to your home or cottage is one of many exterior improvements that adds value to your investment as well as years of enjoyment.  Modify your home or boathouse with a roof deck by using waterproof Duradek vinyl and a well-designed railing.

The options are endless and the perfect solution for elevated decks, boathouse decks, or flat roof decks to provide a dry area below, for living spaces, lounge areas or storage

Have a look at this article from the Canadian Business Journal about our decking systems (with some great photos for inspiration).

Designed to Handle Water, Snow, and Ice

Any outdoor space will be exposed to the effects of Mother Nature. Duradek’s products are the greatest defense against the elements and prolonging the life cycle of various building products. The prime function of the Duradek vinyl membrane is to waterproof the space beneath, to protect the structure from rot, to eliminate maintenance and to provide a durable, long-lasting and attractive skid resistant surface.

Duradek vinyl is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and have been tested in temperatures ranging from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius. You can use a plastic shovel to remove ice and snow from your Duradek. Rock salt, kitty litter and other snow-melting chemicals can be used however, the surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water before the spring sun is able to bake any chemicals into the deck membrane.

Attention to Details

We use stainless steel and aluminum mechanical fasteners on trim, drip edge and all perimeter details to ensure a continuous layer of waterproof protection with no rusting of fasteners. Our experience tells us that this attention to detail, is just another reason why Duradek is the pinnacle of your long term waterproofing solution.

New Build or Refit an Existing Deck

When correctly installed Duradek vinyl is an attractive and permanent waterproof layer of protection. Perfect when building a new home, new deck or deck renovation. There are many other applications including Saunas and around pools. I’ve installed vinyl in the shower rooms for mining companies north of Sudbury.

Twenty Colours and Patterns

Ultra Quartz Series 60 mils / 72″ Width

Ultra Legacy Series: 60 mils / 72″ Width


Ultra Cork Series: 60 mils / 72″ Width

Ultra Heritage Series: 60 mils / 72″ Width

Ultra Supreme Chip Series: 60 mils / 72″ Width

Ultra Classic Series: 60 mils / 72″ Width

Ultra Surcoseal Series: 60 mils / 72″ Width



Colors may not be an exact representation. Contact us to see actual material samples under proper lighting conditions.