Duradek Warranty Information

Excellent Duradek Warranty, Certified Installers

All premium decking materials from Duradek carry industry-leading warranties. Regardless of material warranties, other factors to consider are who will be doing the installation and can you trust the quality of their installation?

Duradek installers have been trained and certified by Duradek and only Duradek approved, trained and certified installers can distribute and install Duradek. Which means you can trust the quality of the installation AND the quality of the decking materials.

Duradek is the original vinyl decking company to offer a written appearance Warranty. Currently there are no vinyl membranes that carry an appearance, UV protection, discolouration or fading warranty beyond Duradeks. Duradek has been doing it right for over 40 years.

Make an Informed Decision

Very few vinyl membranes offer the assurance of 3-levels of warranty protection that Duradek provides. With Duradek, your warranty addresses waterproofing performance, appearance and workmanship. Ask to see a manufacturer’s written warranty and choose a product that is backed up by decades of performance history.

Read or Save the Warranty and Cleaning Instructions

This Duradek warranty document also contains care and cleaning instructions and tips for removing specific messes off of your deck (mustard, lipstick, latex paint and other commonly dropped or spilled substances).

Duradek 15-Year Warranty (PDF file)